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Floor Cleaning Robot

The Floor Cleaning Robot is a robot made to clean floors on it’s own. It is self controlled and the different light colors on the robot stand for different directions forwards, backwards, and stops. This website is still in progress!

Engineer School Area of Interest Grade
Osaruese Okungbowa The Laboratory of Finance and Technology Computer Science Highschool Senior- Class of 2022


Demo Night One

It was very fun to explain the project that I have been working on for three weeks. I have presented to people before but this was a different experience.

Demo Night Two

This demo night was just as fun as the first one. I had some trouble with my project so I wasn’t able to show the audience my project working but it was still fun.

Fourth Milestone

My fourth milestone I added a light sensor to my robot. The light sensor commands my robot to move, so my robot doesn’t until a flashlight sheds it like on it. When the flash light is on my robot my robot is supposed to move forward, however, I have a bug in my code that is affecting the way my robot is moving and that is something that I have to fix later on. Another addition to my project was I started using a breaded board because multiple parts in my project needed a ground or a 5v and the only way for them to all be able to use it was by using a bearded board.

Third Milestone

My third milestone I did add much to the project. The only extra part that I added on to me project was an ultra sonic sensor. The ultra sonic sensor only added four more wires to my robot. The wires that I used were male to female wires and I used these wires to connect the ultra sonic sensor to the ardunino. The rest of the work for the ultra sonic sensor was coding commands and actions that I wanted the ultra sonic sensor to do.

Second Milestone

For my second milestone I attached my brush to my cassie using two zip ties. I made some changes from the first milestone so instead of using a nine volt battery I decided to connect my arudunio directly to the wall. In addition to that I added a battery pack that uses five individual batteries to make my robot car have even more power. Then I replaced my male to male wires with other wires that were more felxiable and soldered then to the motors and connected the wires to the motor driver.

First Milestone

My first milestone was setting up the cassie for the robot car. At this point I have set up the cassie and got the motors to move forwards and backwards using one motor driver. I connected the motors to the motor driver using some male to male wires, the wires were not very stable and caused some difficulties with the movement of the motors. Another thing that caused a weak connection was the nine volt battery that I was using to power up the motors and motor drive, I will fix these problems later on because the goal of this milestone was to get the motors moving and the motors ended up moving. The enginerring parts thatI used were the motor driver, the motors, the ardunino, the battery, and the cassie.